AuraAware – The Smart Distance Device Review

About AuraAware

As we’re in the middle of the pandemic, slowly people have stopped panicking and trying to find solutions. AuraAware is also one of those initiatives, where the company stopped panicking themselves and came out with something that can help people out there in this pandemic. AuraAware is a device you can put on any counter or desk and it will track everyone coming near counter/desk and if the person try not to maintain the CDC recommended distance the device red alerts the person to keep the distance.


Below you can find some of their customer’s testimonials screenshots which might help but we weren’t able to find any positive or negative review other than their website as they’ve just launched and people are not talking much about their product.

These testimonials might help:


As per the recommendations of CDC and other health institutes you should keep a proper distance with everyone you interact, considering this this device seems like a really good option. However, as mentioned above in CONS this product surely have a few drawbacks, but overall this device seems like to a good answer to the people at-least for now. We’ll be able to find out more with the passage of time when more & more people will be using and sharing their views about the product. This is it from the conclusion if you’d like to purchase the device, click the link below.